Unlock Sony Xperia M2

Unlock Sony Xperia M2

Unlock Sony Xperia M2


Unlock Sony Xperia M2 by removing the simlock from it. With our method you will be able to unlock your Sony Xperia M2 yourself.

Please enter IMEI *

Enter *#06# on your phones dial pad and enter the exact number shown on screen here below. This can be done with or without SIM-card.

Unlock Sony Xperia M2 by just entering an unlock code in it. Does it sound strange? Well it’s actually the way a Sony Xperia M2 is supposed to be unlock if follow Sony guidelines.

If you unlock Sony Xperia M2 with our unlock code it will be permanently unlocked and accept all simcard from all carriers, all over the world. This is very convenient if you plan to travel abroad and want to avoid expensive phone bills and roaming costs.

The procedure of unlock Sony Xperia M2 is surprisingly easy; you just enter a 16-digit code in to the handset according to the instructions sent together with the code. The entire procedure will take less than a minute of your time and both the code and the instructions will be conveniently delivered to your E-mail.

Like previously stated this is a permanent unlock of your Sony Xperia M2, this means that it will never be locked again no matter what you do with it. There no risk whatsoever in upgrading its firmware, reset it to factory settings or even root it – it will remain unlocked.

This method will not void your warranty in any way as it is the exact same method that the carriers themselves use. Unlock by code is the “right” way to unlock Sony Xperia M2 as stated by the manufacturer Sony.

Please note that this service also can unlock Sony Xperia M2 Dual.

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