Unlock Sony Xperia ZR

Unlock Sony Xperia ZR

Unlock Sony Xperia ZR

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Unlock Sony Xperia ZR by yourself without any technical knowledge or equipment. If you use our unlock codes you will have a unlocked Sony Xperia ZR in just a few minutes.

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Enter *#06# on your phones dial pad and enter the exact number shown on screen here below. This can be done with or without SIM-card.

You can unlock Sony Xperia ZR very easily as long as you have the unlock code for this particular phone. We can provide you with the unlock code for your Sony Xperia ZR so that you can unlock it in just a few minutes by yourself.

Unlock Sony Xperia ZR by code does not require any technical knowledge or equipment, just enter the 16-digit code and you’re all done. The unlock code will be delivered to your email together with an easy manual on how to enter it in your phone.

The delivery time for the unlock code is usually between 48-72 hours but it can sometime be as low as 12 hours. Even if it takes a couple of days before you have your unlock code the procedure to enter it will take about a minute of your time.

Unlock Sony Xperia ZR by code is perfectly safe and you do not risk voiding your warranty or loosing any content in your phone. This is also a permanent unlock, this means that you can freely upgrade the firmware, reset it or even root it – it will remain unlocked.

When your Sony Xperia ZR is unlocked you can use any simcard, from any carrier in any part of the world. This makes it a very good investment if you plan to go abroad as you can use a local simcard and avoid crazy phone bills.

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